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A mighty book!

Being at my friends home for New Years Eve I saw a beautiful decoration Merry-go-round with a melody playing when turned on. I loved this very much. You will see what this has to do with the mighty book… Lees deze ontroerende reactie (in het Engels) van Gertrud Althausen op het boek 'Kruidenwijsheid'. Dankbaar dat onze boeken dit teweeg kunnen brengen.


Some days ago on Twitter some words of @AdrieA3boeken took me by surprise. The complete text shown on her website touched some chords. The words who got me looking where chamomile child.

As long as I can remember when feeling sick or awful I yelled for chamomile tea with apple-cake and whipped cream.Without hesitation I ordered the book. When it arrived I immediately started reading the chamomile part and all that is said hits bottom totally.

In the book the author writes about herbs, the plant itself as a plant, the character of the person who is a user and has an affinity with this particular herb. Then going on about the medical use, practical aid and, last but the best, the spiritual aid this herb provides for you.

The chamomile person has a strong connection with mother or a mother figure and is very caring. It is an endless fight between being mother and caring and coming free and walking the own personal path. What chamomile also tells is that this strong connection with mother can show problems in the war between you and your real child, and problems the child of such a mother with strong ties to her mother can have. All I read was true – as a child I always had those problems like aching tummy, not being able to go to the toilet, sometimes headache and so on. In the spiritual help besides others there it was: the Merry-go-round!!!

Chamomile takes you inside yourself, to the play yard of your childhood – you may never had experience with playing (me) but there is a child within you that wants to go down the slide or sit on a Merry-go-round, on a horse (me always begging to get a horse)….

Here the first tears came running down. Then I continued reading about apples

de appelboom

Apple is the only fruit I can stand without anything around it like cake or sugar or whipped cream. Apple-cake was my favorite as a child. Now lets see what apple is telling in the book. The apple woman is a person who always help the ill, weak or other help-needing persons. With her strength she gives people room to come to rest. To blossom herself she needs likewise people who ask questions, sometimes cuddle her and are a real sparring partner who helps her moving and taking steps to implement her ideas. The apple woman does not cling to people for long, she wants to be surprised, always curious about people, places. The spiritual aid of apple is to find likewise people, daring to radiate, talk about wishes and ideas to find the cross-pollination that makes her bloom …. that’s right indeed.The task now is to combine the inner chamomile with the inner apple…… :)

Going through the book got me more insights because there are more herbs I am a fan of and of course the birch tree – another heartfelt favorite.


Besides my personal insights I came around two herbs/flowers my beloved ex was an absolute fan of: basil and poppy. Reading about those two, which were words he always used, wishes he always told me he had, his complete character up to telling me that he needed sun on his body desperately I found back and made me cry with pain in my heart.


I recommend this book to all who have affinity with flowers, herbs, trees, mother nature herself.

Have a look on the last page first when you may have bought it. Why? There you find a photo of the author that gives you the feeling to see into the eyes of a real fairy and I bet she once was one. Have fun with this book and get some real useful insights. This weekend I need a lot of chamomile and a lot of mint tea. Why I will tell you after I feel better.

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